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The proliferation of strip clubs in Reykjavik- and iceland- is a recent phenomenon. As little as six years ago there were no clubs operating, at least not openly.

There was never any law against them, says Ásgeir Thór Davídsson, owner of Maxim´s, one of Reykjavík´s most popular clubs. Davídsson also owns the newly opened Goldfinger, the first strip bar in Kópavogur, a suburb of Reykjavík. There were no clubs before because nobody really thought about opening them.

All that changed in 1995 when Icelands first erotic club, Bóhem, opened for business.

With Bóhem leading the way, an industry that had remained foreign to Icelanders began to thrive, and a total of 11 clubs were soon operating downtown, primarily showcasing dancers from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The number of erotic bars might seem like a small figure for anyone who lives in a major metropolitan area, but when one considers the smallness of Reykjavík it becomes impressive.

Unlike other cities, though, theres no shame in visiting erotic clubs. The stigma of sliding into a seedy, back- alley club in a sketchy neighborhood doesnt exist because the majority of clubs operate on the pub crawler?s path. These erotic clubs have become part of the mainstream night scene and both men and women frequent the up- scale clubs on a regular basis, just like any other pub.

Why have erotic clubs become so popular? Jónsdóttir believes that for such a long time Icelandic men were denied access to the industry, and now that it´s become available people are going a bit berserk over it.

We seem to be keen on anything new. When something new comes along everyone has to have it. But it also has to do with a change in morals.

While that´s partially true, another reason why erotic clubs are part of the pop culture stems from the fact that they operate late into the night, after other bars close, offering revelers an entertaining way to extend the evening.

People like to go where there´s a crowd, says Davídsson. They come for the company, to drink a little champagne with the girls and have some fun. That´s all there is to it.

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